Permanent Residence for Family Members
of U.S. Citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents

The process of qualifying for permanent resident status is complex, regulated by over five hundred pages of statutes and eleven hundred pages of regulations.  Relatives of U.S. citizens can be denied the right to live in the United States with their families for many reasons including: overstaying a visa, entering the U.S. with a temporary visa status while intending to remain permanently, failure to pay taxes, insufficient income or work history for the American relative, and many other reasons.

The Law Offices of Robert Vivona have successfuly represented applicants for permanent residence for more than twenty-one years.  Most cases can be handled for a flat fee of $2000 plus government filing fees.  The client can expect personal service and direct contact with the attorney throughout the immigration process.  The attorney will prepare the complete application package and will also represent the client during questioning by immigration officers at mandatory immigration interviews.  If you would like to speak with the attorney about obtaining permanent resident status for your relative, please call 469-713-7303 or click on the Schedule a Consultation page.